One of broken beat supergroup Bugz in the Attic, and one of the many founders of legendary London club night, Coop, Mark Force was born and raised in West London and has been producing and DJing for 15 years. He got this first pair of turntables at 11 and started practicing and Djing immediately, playing hiphop and electro. Skip forward to the dawn of the 90s and the young G Force gets his first schooling in how to programme breaks and cut up beats when ILS, king of breakbeat, takes him on as protégée. By seventeen G Force, (as he was known until about 2000) had released his first record on drum and bass label Rugged Vinyl. He began playing drum and bass and jungle on South London pirate Don FM around this time too – holding down the coveted Sunday night slot from ’92 to ’96. More productions followed, including for Good Looking and the infamous Reinforced Records. The album Just Another Number was released on Reinforced in 1999 – a collaboration with Reinforced label-mate Seiji. It was while making this album that Mark first met and worked with Bembe Segue and Kaidi Tatham, and it’s a musical relationship that’s maintained through to current productions and collaborations under various names and on various imprints. Seiji and Kaidi Tatham are fellow members of the nine-strong Bugz In The Attic, and Bembe Segue wrote and performed for the Bugz album.